pek_1Gozink Studio is the art website of Tricia Kaye. Born and raised in Australia, Tricia now divides her time between Las Vegas and Sydney Australia. Her artistic inspiration is drawn from the natural world, often exploring interplay between objects. Increasingly drawn to abstract expressionism, Tricia seeks to capture the essential elements of life and land in her art.

Working in both acrylic and watercolor, Tricia uses transparent layering and dynamic blending of color to convey a sense of flow. She generally works within a restrained palette focusing on form and space to define the elements. Spontaneity is a key aspect of all her work.

Tricia has participated in several group and juried exhibitions, and has won several awards for her art. She has also undertaken commissioned work. Her early experience was as a professional botanist undertaking plant illustration and macro-photography. While this is now distant from her current interests, she believes this strong scientific underpinning gives her the freedom to pursue abstract forms.